Kansas vs Kansas State

Aryanna Lingo, Staff

Silvio De Sousa has been suspended indefinitely for the rest of the season by the Kansas team head coach: Bill Self. A brawl broke out between both Kansas and Kansas State teams during Tuesday’s (Jan  21) night game. In the middle of the outbreak between both teams, De Sousa, a member of the Kansas team, was seen picking up a stool from the stands to use in the fight before dropping it shortly after. The fight began with just ten seconds left on the clock, with Dajuan Gordon intercepting the ball from Silvio around the half-court line. As Gordon began making his way down the court for the layup, Silvio swatted the ball fiercely, blocking Gordons shot, then hovering over Gordon and staring him down. One of the assistant coaches on the Kansas team, Jerrance Howard, was seen attempting to help De Sousa, almost as if he was pleading for De Sousa to try and get him to drop the stool. The picture shows Gordon with arms extended out toward De Sousa in an attempt to get the player to drop the stool. This is known to be one of the biggest brawls in college basketball history.