Mexico-Canada-USA Agreement


Emilio Bernal, Staff

Donald Trump is the most likely reason as to why the NAFTA agreement needed to be ratified to be accommodated for 2020. Congress gave a green light for the agreement of January 10, 2020. It was quite hard for Congress to do this because they were busy preparing to try him for his “crimes”during the impeachment inquiry. Trump officially signed the agreement just yesterday, replacing the Clinton-styled NAFTA. This is the biggest trade deal; it covers more than 1.3 trillion of commerce. The agreement was ratified by Mexico, but not in Canada yet. This agreement will bring many good things. By 2023, it will bring some 80,000 new jobs and $30 billion in investment. This new agreement, proposed by the Trump Administration, may or may not be a good idea. It is likely to be ratified by the next president who gets in office, although there’s a slim chance that it might even be ratified by Donald Trump himself.