Senior Night


Jyair Nichols

Photo via Jyair Nichols’ instagram

Tim Griffiths , Staff

On February 10th, the Conrad Boys Basketball team took the court against Odyssey Charter. Additionally, this was also senior night for the team. The starting five were: Jamar Write, Ryan Murphy, Jyair Nichols, Tim Griffiths, and Lenell Preston for the first quarter of the game. This was the last time that these five will ever play together. They had the team walk across the court as they were presented and share something that has happened through their high school sports career. It was an emotional night for all of them because this was the last time that they played together. At the end of the game, the final score was 86-38 beating Odyssey Charter by 48 points. Jamar Write had 23 points on the night–a career high. Jyair Nichols had 8 points at the end of the game. Ryan Murphy had a career high of 12 points for the game. These were the top three scorers for the seniors. Congratulations for their season and to a great life ahead of them.