Conrad’s Annual Community Day


Darya Brel

Saturday, April 16, the Community Day started with 12 th Annual Conrad 5K run. Our winners were:

1 st place: Dean Marsh, time: 19:26
2 nd place: Avrelius Bordrick, time: 20:34
3 rd place: Jake Spence, time: 20:40

Congratulations to all winners and big thanks to  all of the participants for making this years event a big success! The 5K run was followed by many different and interesting activities throughout the day. NewAmerican Taekwondo Association (ATA) amazed us with their skills performing live on the field, breaking boards, and showing off their athletic prowess.

Conrad High School Band performed and entertained the crowd with their famous songs. Minquas Fire Company firefighters came on a firetruck, allowing everyone to have fun inside of it. Delaware State Police showed children why is it important to always wear a seatbelt in a car, by performing a demonstration with a mannequin. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Hopefully everyone who came out to support Conrad on that day had a great time, and you sure don’t want to miss Conrad Community Day next year! See you there!