Science Olympiad Winners

Cristin Brown, Club Advisor

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Our teams placed 8th and 33rd !

Desi Pilla & Micah Greenzweig– 1st place- Write it Do it

John Holloway & Roland Ribaya– 2nd place- Anatomy

Sarah Speer & David Dill– 2nd place- Dynamic Planet

Paul Ryan– 5th place- Bridges

Umer Farooq & Gerwin Cadelina– 5th place- Anatomy

Justin Roth & Jigar Patel– 6th place- Electric Vehicle

John Holloway & Rolad Ribaya– 7th place- Wright Stuff

David Dill & Sarah Speer– 9th place- Green Generation

Vasista Vovvetti & Jigar Patel– 10th place- Wonders of Electricity