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2020-2021 Staff

Anthony Imperiale

Hey, I'm Anthony Imperiale and I am a senior at Conrad. I am part of the Computer Science pathway and I am on the school swim team. I love to keep up with the current tech trends, the stock market and our ever shifting political...

Devlin Barth


My name is Devlin Barth and I’m a senior attending Conrad Schools of Science. My favorite class is Computer Science just because technology is something I have always been interested in. And by extension, my favorite news is ...

Megan Nolan


I am Megan Nolan, a junior here at Conrad. My favorite class is creative writing because it is nice to be able to take a break from other, more challenging courses and think creatively. My favorite news of the day is any news inv...

Nicholas Siegfried


My name is Nicholas Siegfried and I am a senior this year at Conrad Schools of Science. My favorite class here is Computer Science because I get to learn how to code. My favorite news of the day is anything related to what I...

Joseph Moore


My name is Joseph Moore and I'm in 11th grade as of this year. I love to talk about controversial topics with other people without yelling. My favorite class is biotech because Mr.Coughlin is the best teacher. I don’t have fa...

JaTeir Berkley-Osborne


Hi, I’m JaTeir Berkley-Osborne. I’m a senior at Conrad Schools of Science and play football. My favorite subject is math because it is easier to understand personally. My favorite news of the day is that we have football ev...

Alliyah Ryan


Hi, my name is Alliyah Ryan. I'm in 11th grade and I've been attending Conrad since 6th grade. My pathway is currently nursing and Cheer for Conrad. My favorite class is Chemistry with Mrs. Brown because she makes the class fun...

Eske Campen


My favorite class is math because I find it interesting and easy to understand. My favorite news to watch is anything to do with celebrities. This is my favorite type of news because I watch a lot of celebrity shows and I'm very...

Yamilex Hernandez


Hello, my name is Yamilex Hernandez, I am a junior at Conrad. I have been attending Conrad since 6th grade. My favorite class so far is chemistry with Mrs. Brown because the course is all about math and science which are the ...

Wendalyn Pinto


My name is Wendalyn Pinto. I like drawing, anime and kpop. My favorite class is animal science. The animals are really cute and I get to see how they interact, I enjoy it. My favorite news of the day is about the Typhoon happen...

Adrian Rodriguez


My favorite class is journalism. I like journalism because it is fun. My favorite news of the day is FOX News because I like real news and not fake news. I chose this class because I had to.  

Luis Rodriguez


Hi, my name is Luis Rodriguez. I’m in 12th grade. My favorite class is computer science because I really like working with computers. The announcement of the new Xbox Series X’s and Series S’s prices to set the standard for ...

Liz Nelson


Hi, my name is Liz Nelson. My favorite class is Biotechnology because I think the subject itself is very interesting. My favorite news of the day would have to be the news about Conrad because it can affect me personally. I enj...

Destiny Gray


My favorite class this year is AP LIt. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do so I’m excited to read a lot of new books.    The news I have been following has been about the wildfires that are sprea...

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