Conrad Destroys First State Military Academy


Ananth Arunkumar and Tommy Warriner, Reporters

 The Conrad RedWolves faced  the First State Military Academy bulldogs in a high school varsity soccer game. Conrad came off a win from Tatnall high school and were determined to win again. Within one minute of the match and there was already a spectacular goal from Brendan Haywood assisted by Alejandro Castro-Vazquez. The game was all a blur from there.


There was amazing teamwork, lots of passing, and even a couple of megs. The soccer ball was rarely even with the bulldogs, and when it was, it was quickly stolen back. When the first half of the match ended, Conrad had 6 goals while Tatnall had 0. Scores from Conrad included Diego, Figueroa, Johan Silvestre, Elias Foster, and Alejandro Castro-Vazquez. Assists from Conrad included Francisco Turcios-Ramos, Alejandro Castro-Vazquez, and Diego Tortosa. The game still wasn’t over however. In the second 40 minutes the RedWolves still kept up their pace, and scored 3 more fantastic goals from Diego Tortosa, and Angel Corea-Pineda assisted by Kody Levering. This soccer match was amazing for Conrad and we hope this good work will all keep up.