The Conrad Howler

  • Blue Rocks Fireworks game (4/28 at 6:30)
  • Shake Shack fundraiser (3/27)
  • Hershey Park ticket orders DUE (3/24)
  • End of Marking Period and Dress Down Day (March 30th)
  • Grading Day (March 21st)
  • Dress Down Day (March 24th)
  • SAT March 22th (Asynchronous 9,10,12th)


The Conrad Howler, formerly known as the Smoke Signal, is the offical source for Conrad news. The Howler was established in 2017 as a replacement. The site is mostly student-run with the purpose of informing other Conrad students. We cover news on current events, sports, entertainment, politics and other subjects for our community.

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