The Roaring 1920’s

The Roaring 1920's

Dallas Dykes, Staff

Mrs. Weldins AP U.S History Class has finished their studies of the 1920s and to wrap things up, hosted a fun event in the schools library. Each student did research on an important figure from the time period and came to school in costume alongside their written biographies bringing their individual to life. The event was host to games of dominos and blackjack, usage of 1920s slang, themed snacks and beverages, and the ability for students to create their own “historical tweets”.  Students voted for their peers on “Best Costume”, “Best Outfit” and “Most Knowledgeable of 1920s” with winners for each class yet to be announced. Many pictures were taken of students in costume so look out for those on Weldins Twitter account where many of the images will be posted. Overall Weldins 1920s event was a huge success this year thanks to the Teachers and Students who participated and helped organize the event.