Student Stress


Sofia Henriquez , Staff

The end of the school year does not mean the end of our workload. For some it’s doubled as teachers give out review packets and expect us to have retained all the information from the beginning of the year, and the thought of finals alone can make us anxious. At the University of Illinois, their Health Center have developed several programs to help their students destress and relax. They are hosting yoga classes, friday night relaxations, a destress week before finals, and therapy dogs will even be at their libraries. Their belief is that a student’s mentality is what gets them through the day, and with stress its hard for them to feel like they can get anything done. More schools should follow in the footsteps of this university, acknowledging that we are not robots and can’t do everything without a break every now and then, and offer more programs, because not everyone can sign up and pay for a yoga class.