We Have “InSight”


Brennan Thomas, Staff Reporter

On November 26,  the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) prove “InSight” landed on Mars at 2:52 pm. It took seven months to get “InSight” from Earth to Mars. Forty-sever years ago on  November 27, the Russian Mars 2 crash landed to become the first man-made thing on Mars. However, the first successful landing was by the USA’s Viking 1 and 2 which were both in 1976. This was the eighth successful Mars landing in history.
After arriving at Mars, the MarCo satellites release the “InSight” to head to Mars. When the “InSight” entered the atmosphere it had less than 10 minutes to go from 12,000 mph to the landing speed of 5 mph. In those minutes the heat shield went up to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they got the touchdown confirmation by “InSight”, NASA exploded into a celebration of joy! People were clapping, cheering, and hugging over this miraculous feat!
 NASA’s goal is for the “InSight is to drill into the soil of Mars, investigate what’s below the surface, and take the temperature. To take the temperature the heat flow probe has to dig 16 feet into the crust then will it take the temperature. Since the first monkey in space to the first man on the moon, we managed to touch ground and study another planet by getting the first robot on Mars. A lot has happened on the space exploration front and we can’t wait to see the new discoveries!