Bidens 6-Step Strategy

Bidens 6-Step Strategy

AnMare Stanley, Reporter

President Joe Biden delivered a speech on September 9th, 2021 confronting the coronavirus pandemic. He addressed Congress about his 6-point strategy to deal with the delta variant (the new strand of covid). His strategy is mainly focused on containing the delta variant and increasing the vaccination rates. The strategy is also aimed to make both public and private places safer for people, especially the school districts. 

President Biden’s plan:

1- Vaccinating the Unvaccinated 

2- Further Protecting Vaccinators through Booster Shots

3- Keeping Schools Open

4- Increasing Covid Test

5- Economic recovery

6- Improving Care for people with Covid-19

With only 53.8% of the adult population in the United States vaccinated that leaves millions of people transmissible to catching the coronavirus. The delta virus being contagious caused the number of cases to increase daily and hospitals to get overwhelmed. President Biden’s strategy is supposed to help turn the situation around.