Beastly Bathrooms!


In every bathroom, there is at least one stall that does not shut properly!

Kayla Anderson, Reporter

There are wonderful things about this school, but our bathrooms are not one of them. Conrad’s restrooms are simply unacceptable! The paper towel dispensers do not work.  The soap dispensers are ripped off the wall.  Toilet paper holders are hanging somewhere in the room, empty. Tiles are cracked with no hope of being fixed. Many bathrooms (both male and female) have doors with no locks on them. Here at Conrad Schools of Science, we can use a stall if a friend comes with and holds the door. We can’t even dry our hands in the bathroom. If you get lucky, you are located in an area where bathrooms have a working paper towel dispenser. Some are broken and hard to push, but hey, at least your shirt and hands won’t be wet! Things were broken and in disrepair when I started here in 7th grade. I am now a 10th grader… They are still broken! We have beautiful new sports fields, tennis courts and a pretty sharp exterior, but please don’t use our bathrooms! They look like something you might see in an old gas station along a remote stretch of I-95 – a nobody cares about this place mentality. Maybe some of the infrastructure money from the Government can go for a facelift of our bathrooms. Please!!!!