Students Want Dress Code Changes


Kaitlyn Barry, Reporter

With winter approaching students are beginning to buzz about how the Conrad dress code is not suitable for the declining temperatures. Many kids find themselves freezing when walking to their bus stops in the morning, and when they are waiting for administrators to open the school doors. As soon as you come inside you realize that it does not get much warmer, as the teachers are often complaining about how cold it is inside of their classrooms. Students complain about having goosebumps and feeling uncomfortable due to the cold. Some students have even tried combatting the cold by wearing extra layers, which has led to more students being dress-coded. One teacher suggested bringing a blanket into her classroom, which obviously would most likely serve as a distraction. I think at Conrad the administrators need to rethink dress code policies. They might say “you should wear liners under your khakis”, but that isn’t comfortable when your pants are already tight, or if you just generally feel uncomfortable wearing more than one layer of pants. Also, wearing more than one sweatshirt can begin to feel heavy and restrict your arms. In months November through March, the Conrad dress code should accommodate students more, to help make learning more comfortable. Students should be allowed to wear Conrad-issued sweatpants, or sweatpants that are solid black, gray, or navy. Students should be permitted to wear flannels, with a dress code top underneath of them. Administrators should also consider allowing more colors of sweatshirts, so students are not in a predicament of wearing unclean clothes or receiving a dress code violation. After all, bringing in a blanket is more distracting than wearing weather-appropriate attire.