Pixar’s Trailer For “Lightyear”

Pixars Trailer For “Lightyear”

Wendalyn Pinto, Reporter

Pixar dropped a new movie trailer for the upcoming release of Lightyear. Lightyear is a computer-animated science fiction action-adventure film about the real-life human astronaut that inspired the toy Buzz Lightyear. In the trailer, we see the real Lightyear suit up for a for sure dangerous and daring space mission. While boarding, the ground crew anxiously watches. Lightyear explores alien planets, learns about space travel from a robot, and finally gazes up to his iconic green and white spacesuit in the last moments. After hanging up his shield for Captain America, Chris Evans is going to voice Buzz Lightyear. In December of last year, when the movie was first announced with Chris Evans as the starring voice role, Pixar revealed Lightyear to be the origin story for that character. They said, “the young test pilot that became the space ranger we all know him to be today.” The movie is set to premiere on June 17, 2022.