New Supreme Court Justice: Ketanji Brown Jackson

AnMare Stanley, Reporter

Following the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. President Joe Biden was able to appoint a successor to become the new Supreme Court Justice along with former president Donald Trump’s selections. As stated he fulfilled one of his campaign promises and selected an African American woman to be a nominee for the Supreme Court Justice. On April 7th, 2022 President Joe Biden’s nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was approved by the Senate to become the next Supreme Court Justice with a vote margin of 53-47. Those votes helped pave a way for Ketanji Brown Jackson to become the first African American woman to hold a seat on the nation’s highest court in its 233-years. Ketanji is also the first Justice since 1967 to have extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney. She’s expected to be in court during the summer of 2022.