No more F’s at Conrad- Oh Happy Day!

No more Fs at Conrad- Oh Happy Day!

Kayla Anderson, Reporter

Teachers at Conrad have been faced with a growing problem since starting back from COVID quarantine this year. Last year, families had the option of doing hybrid “virtual learning”, but this year, everyone is back in school and teachers have been faced with many behavior issues. Speaking out in class, not listening to instructions, phone usage, not doing assigned work. This flies in the face of productivity. While many students know about the change of policy which gives students 50% for missing work, productivity is significantly lessened. Let’s face it, if you get credit for doing nothing, nothing is what you are inclined to do. This means they can talk and be disruptive as much as they want without getting a zero.

Basically, Conrad has a 50% policy that gives students a chance to get a higher grade they don’t have to work for. I think I might like to get a job someday that pays me half of my salary when I feel like staying home. That would be a sweet deal! But it has its consequences. One is that students feel no urgency to work hard or work at all. If Red Clay gives us 50% to do nothing, all we really need to complete is 10% of the work to pass. While this policy is leaving some teachers struggling to get students motivated, crazy slothful behavior is on the rise.  And then there is the topic of  C- days thrown in the mix to allow students to make up anything they have missed. It creates an attitude of “I can save that for a C day!” Of course it never goes that way. C Days are for socializing. I joined the Conrad team for their rigor! I am pretty sure none of this creates an environment of Rigor!!