What Your Favorite Season Says About You


Elizabeth McFarland, Reporter

Research has proven the science behind why we favor other seasons over each other, like the amount of light, temperature, and personal preferences. Some people love spring, and if you do, it’s likely because you favor new experiences. The flowers blooming and trees growing back provide the renewal you crave. Similarly, if your favorite season is summer, you probably enjoy travel and new adventures. You enjoy the outdoors and tend to be more outgoing and extroverted. You could also prefer it because there is no school. If your favorite season is fall, besides the sweater weather, you’re likely a sentimental person due to the upcoming holidays. The season relates to spring in that it’s a transition season that gives time for you to reflect upon your year before winter comes. Most adults hate winter because of the snow and having to shovel. However, if you enjoy the crisp season, it’s likely because you enjoy being able to curl into a blanket and enjoy the holidays. Besides this, you are likely a more introverted person. Basically, it is the complete opposite of the summer season.