HBCU fair returns to Wilmington


Paola Martir and Alyssa Edmonds

The HBCU, Historically Black Colleges & Universities, college fair sponsored by the city of Wilmington week is hereHBCU week’s mission is  “to encourage high-school-aged youth to enroll into HBCUs, provide scholarship dollars for matriculation and sustain a pipeline for employment from undergraduate school to corporate America.” It kicked off Wednesday evening with a happy hour at DECO Wilmington and a concert downtown at the Queen, which featured hip-hop artist Rick Ross and singer Mya. This event is very important as it gives hope to students who believe they won’t be able to get into college. Students are encouraged to participate in opportunities for scholarships, internships, and on-the-spot admissions. This yearly event provides an atmosphere that exposes high schoolers to the history, culture, and possibilities HBCUs offer. So far, since it started in 2017, the fair has resulted in 3,500 on-the-spot college acceptances and over $23 million in scholarship awards. Our Conrad student attended HBCU week at the Fieldhouse on Friday, getting information and making contacts with some potential colleges. As while as getting to ask questions that specifically apply to them, like student aid, different majors and how that would benefit them in their future careers, and meeting alumni and learning about their experience in college. Scholarships and acceptance to different colleges were being given to seniors attending the event. Ultimately, a terrific opportunity for all students.