Alex Jones Files for Bankruptcy


Robyn Bolen, Reporter

The far-right conspiracy host, Alex Jones, has just filed for bankruptcy after court decided he owed $1.5 billion to the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  The Sandy Hook shooting occurred December 14, 2012, in which the gunman (Adam Lanza) killed 20 children and 6 teachers.  The shooting has been subject to debate among conspiracists- to the outrage of not just the country, but the families and teachers involved.  In 2013, Alex Jones stated that Sandy Hook was a “government operation”.  This was only one of many times in which he and others spread false information on the tragic event.  On April 18, 2018, three parents of Sandy Hook victims filed against him and his company “Infowars”.  By May, thirteen families total joined in on the lawsuit.  In September 2021, 14 families sued Alex Jones, and a Texas judge convicted Jones liable for his comments.  Jones owed $1.5 billion to the families, which brings us to 2022 where he files for personal bankruptcy.