Add Sweatpants to the Conrad Dresscode


Robyn Bolen, Reporter

Conrad’s Dress Code is simple to follow, but that doesn’t leave it without flaws.  The dress code sweeps mostly point out the students wearing sweatpants (spirit-wear or not), and ultimately get either a warning or detention.  An easy way to combat this problem would be to add spirit wear sweatpants to the Conrad Dress Code.  As the colder months trudge on, student productivity decreases.  In a recent study, with every degree in the temperature decreasing after 65, test scores decreased by an average of 12-13 points.  Additionally, students with sensory issues such as ADHD/ADD and Autism can find themselves distracted by zippers, buttons, and belts.  Sweatpants would be a simple way to combat this problem.  And in an ever changing inclusive environment, schools should allow students to be comfortable in themselves.  Much of khaki pants are gendered and meant to fit or look more masculine or feminine, but they don’t take account different body types.  Sweatpants provide an opportunity for students to be more comfortable, thus improving our education.  This isn’t a call out to add all types of sweatpants, or get rid of the dress code.  But, it is a call out to add Conrad Sweatpants, and improve for the sake of the students.