Welcome Ms. Chang!

Welcome Ms. Chang!

Robyn Bolen, Reporter

1) How did you get into teaching?

I always wanted to do something related to public services.  I wanted to be a nurse after reading stories about Florence Nightingale. I also wanted to be a teacher because of Hellen Keller and the Sound of Music.  However, at the time in Taiwan, being a teacher meant that I would have to go to a special college which, according to the alumni of my high school, is like repeating high school for another 4 years (aka boring) so I decided to look for something else. I ended up picking schools rather than majors after the infamous college entrance exam. I studied economics in college. Although I enjoyed my college years, and I landed a job as a research assistant for a famous professor, I don’t really enjoy what I do or see it as a career. When I moved to the United States in 2005, I got a chance to restart.  I read an article about teaching, and it mentioned something along the lines of teaching truly connecting and getting to know the community from the ground up. That was a new perspective for me but that also seals the deal for me.  (I also believe in all the other buzzwords about being a teacher.)

2) Where was your first teaching job, if any?

My first paying teaching job/position that is close to what I am doing now is probably at South Philly High School. I was hired as a Chinese teacher for a credit-recovery program inside the high school building. I taught weekend heritage schools and tutored adults,

 and I also worked at a daycare before that.

3) Where did you go to college?

National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan

4) What is your favorite thing about teaching?

My favorite thing about teaching is probably also one of the most stressful and sometimes undesired things, and that is I must be able to learn, try or adapt to

 new things often. I liked the school schedule and routine which kept me organized. There are also many other things that happen in schools that “keep me on my toes”.

5) What prompted you to teach at Conrad?

I have heard so many wonderful things about Conrad and I wanted to see it for myself.  I also really like the high school schedule.

Once again, welcome Ms Chang to the Conrad Community.