Guns in Schools


Robyn Bolen, Reporter

Over the past few weeks, numerous schools in Delaware had been reported to have students carrying guns and firearms.  Just this past Monday (February 6), police had been called to Appoquinimink High School for a reported gun fire during a basketball game.  This follows the events of two students carrying a gun in two different schools last week.  An eight year old at Shortlidge Elementary, and a fourteen year old at A.I. duPont middle school.  Despite many of these events being seen as not being a threat, it also begs for the questions: why and how are students accessing these guns? And why are students bringing them to school?  On January 6, 2023, first grade teacher, Abby Zwerner, was shot in the chest by one of her students.  He was only six years old, but had posed a threat and aggressive behavior before this situation occurred.  The school hadn’t done anything to prevent any more aggressive outbursts.  Zwerner continues a lawsuit against the school following the shooting.  Throughout the country, there have been six school shootings, resulting in two deaths, and many injuries.  Though the numbers are minimal, the impact is extravagant.  It’s only been a month into 2023, and parents, students, and teachers are already worrying about their safety and the children.  If we have learned anything from previous years, it should be the safety and protection of schools.