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  • SCHOOL CLOSED: March 27th
  • Dress Down Day: March 26th -$2 or 15 Bio Bucks-
  • 3rd Marking Period Ends: March 26th
  • Springs Sports Pictures: March 19th @ 2:30-3pm
  • Jr/Sr Prom: May 1st @Double Tree Hotel (Route 202) 7-11pm

2019-2020 Staff

Angelina DiBiaso

Editor in Chief

My name is Angelina DiBiaso and I am a senior here at Conrad. This is my third year being apart of the Conrad Howler. I started as a staff member my sophomore year, co-editor my junior year, and I am proud to say I am taking on...

Blade Tyrrell


Yo, I’m Blade and I’m one of the editors. This will be my second year on the journalism team. I’ve attended Conrad since 6th grade; now, I’m a senior.  I’m a programmer as well as a graphic designer, and I hope to do some...

Ben Heitur


My name is Ben Heitur, and I was born on June 24, 2008.I have a good behavior status, but sometimes I like to be funny. I like to read graphic novels like Dog Man and other entertaining books. Playing football with my dogs and...

Amanda Scarborough

MS Staff

Hi, my name is Amanda Scarborough and this is my first year of being a part of the Conrad Howler. I’m a 6th grade here at Conrad. I never did any writing or newspaper activities on my own time, but I’m thinking that this wi...

Julia Gleason

MS Staff

Hello there! My name is Julia Gleason and I am a sixth grader here at Conrad. My favorite class is band and I enjoy doing a number of things outside of school. I like playing video games like Minecraft, Splatoon 2, and Dragon Quest Bu...

Noah Ramos

MS Staff

I'm an 11-year-old kid who loves to draw, write comic strips, and daydream. This is my first year at Conrad and I'm ready to let my creativity shine by helping with this newspaper. If you ever see me when I'm not wri...

Asialeen Santiago 

HS Staff

Sup! I'm a 10th grader here at Conrad. I love watching movies, reading, and playing video games. I also love hanging out with my friends, family and of course my dog. I hope you’re enjoying the Conrad Howler, keep reading a...

Brennan Thomas

Middle School Editor

My name is Brennan Thomas! I am in 8th grade and I love to write. I also love the Chicago Cubs (GO CUBS GO!!) and New York Giants.  Gaming and baseball are my things.

Cindy Garcia-Tenorio


My name is Cindy and I’m 15 years old. My favorite hobbies are writing and playing soccer; writing has always one of my favorite things I've ever done. I'm the oldest out of my 2 brothers. I've always an overactive imaginatio...

Tim Griffiths


Hi my name is Timothy W. Griffiths and I am a senior at Conrad Schools of Science. I am a football player for the Red Wolves. I am a defensive tackle. My number is 78. I love the sport football.

Rachel Deem


Hello! My name is Rachel Deem, and I'm a senior here at Conrad Schools of Science. I'm apart of the Computer Science Pathway and do art in my free time. I have two hermit crabs, a cat, and a snake. ...

Ryan Cooper


Hey, I’m Ryan I’m new here at Conrad. I come from Red Lion in Bear, DE. My pathway is Biotech which is something that interests me.

Leslie Tovar-Garcia


My name is Leslie Tovar and I am a senior this year at Conrad Schools of Science. I am currently in the nursing pathway and want to become an ultrasound tech in the future. I love hanging out with friends in my free time and goi...

Jennifer Turcios


My name is Jennifer. I am a senior at Conrad Schools of Science; I just turned 17 and I'm also in the biomed pathway because I'm interested in doing something in the medical field. This is my last year at Conrad and I'm excited ...

Fatima Lara


My name is Fatima Lara and I am a senior in Conrad. My pathway is nursing with Mrs. Crowe. This is my 6th year in Conrad. In my free time, I play soccer for school; after school I work and spend most of time watching shows on ...

Devlin Barth


Devlin is a junior attending Conrad Schools of Science. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and talking with friends. He is experienced in the world of computers and aspires to be a computer scientist....

Kat Dykes


My name is Kat Dykes. I am a senior at Conrad Schools Of Science and have been attending since  sixth grade. I am in the computer science pathway and enjoy being apart of Conrad’s marching band. A fun fact about me is that...

Alliyah Ryan


My name is Alliyah Ryan. I am 15 years old and in the 10th grade. I'm taking the nursing pathway for high school. I also have a two year old dog named Smalls. I enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with my friends.

Justin Charlton


Hi my name is Justin Charlton. I am a junior here at Conrad and I have been attending Conrad since 6th grade. I am currently in the BioMed pathway and I play football and lacrosse. My favorite subject is Journalism and this is my se...

Conor Miller


Hi, my name is Conor Miller and I go to Conrad Schools of Science. I'm in the 11th grade and my pathway is bio-med with Mr. Naylor. I've also run cross country since my freshman year and I chose to do journalism because I like...

Abigail Townsend


My name is Abigail Townsend and I am a senior here at Conrad. I chose to do the veterinary science pathway due to my fascination and love I have towards animals. I have been going to Conrad since 6th grade and I love ...

Frankie Rivera


My name is Frankie Rivera. I am in the 12th grade. This is my first time with the Conrad Howler and in my free time I enjoy playing sports.

Aryanna Lingo


My name is Aryanna Lingo. I have been going to Conrad Schools of Science since 6th grade and will graduate from here as well. I am currently a sophomore and my pathway is Biomedical Science. My favorite subject in school is s...

Allyson Norris


I am Allyson Norris. I am a senior at Conrad. I chose the veterinary science pathway because of my adoration towards animals. I enjoy to create art in my free time.

JaTeir Berkley-Osborne


My name is JaTeir Berkley-Osborne and I am in the 11th grade. My pathway is Bio-Tech and in my spare time I play football for the school.

Alex Sirakov


Hi, my name is Alex Sirakov and I am a senior here at Conrad. I am 17 years old. I have been going to Conrad since 7th grade and my hobbies include hanging out with friends and travelling. I also really like cars. This is my second...

Nick Sierra


My name is Nick Sierra and I am a senior here at Conrad. I enjoy travelling as well as collecting and selling sneakers. I love visiting Puerto Rico and visiting my family. My skills include being good video games and making peo...

Chris Saxton


Hi, my name is Chris Saxton and I am a Senior here at Conrad Schools of science. I have been going here since 6th grade and my hobbies include football, hanging out with my friends and working. I’m in a club called Spotnem ...

Krystal Neal


My pathway is animal sci 3. I like to play golf and chess.

Jason Wheeler


I am a senior at Conrad. Throughout my 4 year tenure I have partaken in biomedical studies, physics, english and british literature, and varied math courses. I retain good grades and manage to have fun with my friends and family.

Lila Dammeyer


Hi my name is Lila Dammeyer and I am 17 years old. I enjoy watching TV, spending time with my friends & family, and sleeping. I transferred to Conrad from St. Mark’s last year, and this is my first year being a part of t...

Andrew Farnan


Hi, my name is Andrew Farnan. I am a junior here at Conrad. I am apart of the biotech pathway taught by Mr. Coughlin.

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