Seniors Think About College

Nicole Leggio, Staff

College forms and a link to common app should be available to all seniors on their home page of Schoology. If you are planning on attending college, start filling those out those applications. FAFSA is able to be turned in October 1st, this is an important form that can be found online. To get college financial aid you will need to get it in asap. It is an extensive form that you will most likely need your parents help to fill out so it would be wise to get started. If you have any questions about getting started or any of the forms your English teachers and guidance counselor are there to help. Starting the first week of October counselors will be meeting individually with all seniors expected to hear and help you threw your future plan.

To those not attending college, you still need a plan after leaving high school. It is extremely pressured for all high school students to attend college, but if you don’t see college in your future, or just want to take a leap year now is the time to start planning for that as well. After high school life goes on so find a goal to go after.

This is a link of when/which colleges will be visiting Conrad. Look to see if a College you might be interested is listed below.