Puerto Rico in Pieces

Sofia Henriquez, Staff

There have been many hurricanes terrorizing the Atlantic, with Harvey, Irma, Jose, and now Lee and Maria. Thankfully, these storms seem to only be category 1 and 2 respectively. Hurricane Maria will only gust winds in the Atlantic states, and the eye is predicted to not hit land in the states. Although the same can’t be said for some tropical islands in the Atlantic. Puerto Rico is very big on the news,, when Maria hit them, she was a category 4, and she wreaked havoc throughout the U.S territory on early Wednesday, September 20, 2017. A little over a week later and they still only have power in major buildings such as hospitals, and even then, according to a report from FEMA, only 11 of 69 hospitals have power. They are expected to be out of power for the next 6 months. Puerto Rico is heading towards a downfall in the following years, their economy is already low, with only an $18,000 per capita, and the destruction will make it worse. Puerto Rico is in shambles and any help would be appreciated.