Murder Town USA

Angelina Dibiaso, Staff

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Wilmington, DE is ranked the fifth most dangerous city to live in throughout the entire US. The city suffers from several shootings and all around murders every year. This year alone, 26 people have already been killed, 25 of which were intentional homicides. The homicide arrest rate is 40.6%. The most recent incident happened only 4 days ago on September 28. A 33 year old man was found dead inside his car near 4300 block of Miller Rd., Wilmington, DE 19802. He had taken one shot to the head and was pronounced dead on the scene. No suspects have been identified so far, which is a recurring characteristic in most of the incidents.  According to only 17 suspects have been identified of the 134 incidents that have occurred this year. So many accidents have happened that a television show starring Jada Pinkett Smith by the name “Murdertown”, which is based on a 2014 Newsweek article titled Murder Town USA (aka Wilmington Delaware), was in the works. The television series was supposed to be based in Wilmington, however, the show has been scrapped due to heated backlash from Wilmington residents.