Mogul To Ruins

Aleana Diaz, Staff

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Harvey Weinstein, a huge Hollywood mogul, has been accused of Sexual Harassment officially and sexual abuse unofficially. Lee Smith, a New York Times senior editor,  said


“Hollywood is full of connoisseurs like Weinstein, men whose erotic imaginations are fueled primarily by humiliation, who glut their sensibilities with the most exquisite refinements of shame. A journalist once told me about visiting another very famous Hollywood producer — you’d know the name — who exhibited for my friend his collection of photographs of famous female actresses — you’d know their names, too — performing sexual acts for his private viewing.”


Even people like Julia Roberts stated that “A corrupt, powerful man wields his influence to abuse and manipulate women” and Ashley Judd shared that “ Weinstein showed up to their business meeting at a Los Angeles hotel wearing a bathrobe and later asked her to watch him shower.” More than 60 actresses and actors have confessed their uncomfortable experiences with Weinstein and many admitted that they’ve noticed lots of strange things and always knew there was something wrong with him.