Stockings for Soldiers Dress Down!


Kelly Marsh, Teacher

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for participating in our PBS Dress Down Day this Friday.  Stockings for Soldiers is a program dear to my heart.  As many of you know, my husband Jon has been deployed 3 times, for a total of 39 months.  Since 2005, he has been to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Stockings for Soldiers was founded in Wilmington, DE and is currently in it’s 14th year.  They provide personalized stockings for over 9,000 soldiers deployed all over the world.  The volunteers do this through donations only – both monetary and specific items they collect.  They also make hats and blankets for troops in cold environments and provide war dogs with some of their needs. I have attached the link to their website for those that wish to read more about the program.  Volunteer opportunities are also available for students and/or adults until the end of November.