Narrow Escape.

Sofia Henriquez, Staff

On November 13th, a 24-year-old North Korean soldier defected across the border into South Korea. The defector, named ‘Oh’, raced over the demilitarized zone under a hail of bullets, and is being treated in a South Korean hospital. Oh is being treated for 5 gunshot wounds and for pre-existing ailments such as a parasite infection, hepatitis B, and malnutrition. Since the North Korean guards shot at Oh over the border into South Korea, South Korean officials have stated that it’s a violation of the Armistice, a 1953 agreement that called a truce in the Korean War. South Koreans have also been taunting the North by blasting news of Oh over the border into the North where the news of the defector has not reached the ears of their public. Currently, Oh has been enjoying CSI and Kpop from the safety of his hospital bed and will be questioned once his gunshot wounds heal.