Trivia 2.0


Steven Escobar, Staff

Imagine playing trivia with thousands of people at the same time, all trying to win cash. This seems outlandish, but the new game HQ does that exactly. HQ is a trivia game that takes place twice daily with a live host. The prizes range from $1,000 all the way to $10,000, with more than 290-400 thousand people attempting to win that same cash at the same time. The game is simple in nature: There are 12 questions ranging from easy to difficult. Answer those 12 questions, you get the prize that you split with the other winners if any. HQ is from the creators of Vine, and HQ’s host, Scott Rogowsky, has become a sensation due to the game. It’s currently avaliable only for iOS, with a version for Android expected by Christmas.

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