I Feared For My Life

Kyle Fisher, Staff

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Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old black male was shot to death by police officers in the backyard of his own grandparent’s house in Sacramento on March 19th. Officers shot Stephon Clark 20 times as they assumed he was in possession of a firearm. Multiple reports had been filed about a man breaking into 3 cars and a neighbors house before this incident. Video evidence shows Clark jumping a fence into his grandparent’s backyard while running from police, then two officers approach him and begin to shoot after yelling “show me your hands” and “gun”. This shooting incited the Black Lives Matter activist group to protest and rally in the city hall lobby in hopes of meeting with the chief of police. And yesterday night during a King’s game, the city’s NBA team, protesters blocked the entrance to the arena stopping patrons from getting in. The game went on as scheduled through the stands were nearly empty. The mayor has since addressed the issue and hopes to make law enforcement safer in Sacramento.