Right to Bear Arms, Right?


Kyle Fisher, Staff

In rebuttal of the recent protests and marches for stricter gun laws, a group of second amendment ‘advocates’ gathered   outside of Legislative Hall in Dover to protest any change to their right to bear arms. The hundreds of second amendment advocates stormed Legislative Hall to visit lawmakers and voice their indifference to the gun control laws being put into action, saying that it would ‘strip them of their rights protected by the U.S. Constitution.’ The bills/ laws in question would nearly prohibit the transporting of 60 specific models of semi-automatic rifles and handguns. Although current gun owners would not have their weapons taken from them they still feel it an injustice to mess with the second amendment in any way that would infringe upon their rights, to carry these firearms many saying that “ there is no common sense in this. It’s political grandstanding… and not going to solve any problems in this country.” Even with their efforts , legislation was moved out of committee and Gov. John Carney has agreed to sign the bill.