Deadly Cold

Julian Leon, Staff

Recently, a massive arctic storm hit the Midwest with deadly force and has made its way to the east coast. Temperatures have reached  record lows in multiple states with wind chills dipping down to -50 degrees in Chicago, Iowa and Minneapolis. Here on the east coast, authorities have activated code purple where local community leaders are opening up shelters for the homeless, but the cold has already had a major impact on roads with a huge 12 car accident on interstate 94 because of the dangerous windy conditions in the air. Recently a 13 year old boy in Marshalltown, Iowa got into a fight with his parents and decided to try and run away from home, then 2 days later was found dead in a secluded area due to the freezing cold. So that brings up the question; how bad is the weather going to get? Is this just the beginning?, and how can we stop this?