Chromebook Charging Stations

This year Conrad received money from the state to help improve the school, so the faculty purchased three separate Chromebook charging stations. These stations give us students an opportunity to make our lives a little easier. These stations are located in the gym lobby, cafeteria, and library. The main reason for these stations is so students have the ability to charge their Chromebooks during lunch, gym, or maybe while you’re hanging out in the library. This is so you don’t come to school with a dead Chromebook, because now you can charge it whenever during the day without bringing a charger to school. First, you pick one of the charger ports, then pick a code you want, plug your Chromebook in(touchscreen charger and regular charger), after that close the door and relax while you wait for your Chromebook to charge. Mrs. Dean also allows students to keep their Chromebooks in the stations overnight, so when you come to school in the morning it will be fully charged. The stations will help students keep their Chromebooks charged and relieve teachers of some stress so they don’t have to worry about dead Chromebooks.