Man was shot unreasonably due to his mental health situation


Eske Campen, staff

On April 21, Nicholas Chavez was reported running through the highways of Houston, Texas around 9 pm. Multiple people were calling the police on Chavez, saying he was running around with a sharp metal object in his hand. When police arrived on the scene, the police clearly saw that Chavez was having a mental attack, while on many drugs at the time. Four police officers on the scene were shooting at Nicholas Chavez for no reason at all. Chavez that night was shot 21 times. When the officers were shooting him, Chavez kept asking to kill him. As Nicholas was crawling on the floor of the parking lot near the highway, he was running through, he quickly grabbed the taser from an officer, and repeatedly began to tase himself. He was later shot with stun guns and bean bags, while he was cutting himself with the metal object, he still had in his hand. Once police officers got in the hold of Chavez he was later transported to the hospital. When Chavez arrived at the hospital, doctors found that he had methamphetamine, amphetamine, and ethanol in his system. Not that long after, Chavez was reported dead. Family members of Chavez came as quickly as possible and said their goodbyes. Later that evening, it was pronounced that the 4 out of 28 officers on the scene that night, who fired the gunshots were fired.