Can the Artemisia Plant help fight Covid 19?


Yamilex Hernandez, staff

The President, Andry Rajoelina, of Madagascar, introduced a drink with artemisia plant extracts and has claimed that it could help combat COVID 19 but there has been no evidence put out publicly to back this up. The drink was announced and introduced to the people of Madagascar by Rajoelina in April of 2020. The plant was effective against malaria, Rajoelina believes it can also help combat COVID 19. The active ingredient in the artemisia plant is artemisinin and it helps reduce the number of malaria parasites in the human body. 


Other countries such as Germany, Denmark, China, and South Africa have been conducting tests on the plant to determine if it is effective against the coronavirus. Research from Germany and Denmark explained that the plant extracts showed antiviral activity when they were mixed with pure ethanol or distilled water. There hasn’t been evidence found yet that proves that the artemisia plant can help fight COVID 19. Jean-Baptiste Nikiema from the World Health Organization believes if the plant extracts are continuously used against malaria then the parasites can build resistance against it which could possibly happen with COVID 19.