Man Who Threatened Mass Shooting in LA now Detained


Destiny Gray, staff

A man who threatens on social media to conduct a mass shooting if Biden were to win the presidential election has now been taken into custody. “If Biden gets in, I’m just going to do like a school shooter, just take out all these Democrats,” he says in an Instagram video. This video has now been removed, but it did not stop someone from tipping the authorities about a potential threat where the vote count for the election was going on. 


He was stopped and handcuffed by members of the team called CT 6, which is a counterterrorism unit that deals with domestic terror threats. Investigators had already begun searching his homes for anything that can be used as evidence to prove that he would be able to carry out his threat. Though the FBI has stated that they were aware of the threats, and are working through it, the federal government has yet to make any type of arrest or file any charges against the unidentified man. As of now, he is being questioned by state officials as well as having his home investigated.