Journalism Cultural Appreciation Week


David Cooper, Reporter

This October, Conrad is hosting Cultural Appreciation Week (C.A.W) which is a week-long celebration that will recognize and create an in-school environment that makes everyone feel included and heard. Founded by the First Generation Scholars (FGS)  team, this week will mimic the same outline of Mental Health Awareness Week. Students will be shown a 2-3 minute video after announcements and will have different activities to do based on the day. On Monday, The Minority Student Union (MSU) and FGS introduce C.A.W and speak on why equity and inclusion are important. On Tuesday, students of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage speak on their favorite cultural practice and why it’s important to them. On Wednesday, students who identify as Hispanic or Latinx share their favorite Spanish song and why. On Thursday, Students who identify as African American share their favorite cultural dish and who makes it the best. On Friday the Class of 2023 students and teacher shared their favorite aspect of Conrad’s school culture.