Joker Movie Relates Plot to Aurora Shooting

Fatima Lara-Ruiz, Staff

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The joker movie took a twist for the first time as the character being the protagonist has more of a sympathetic story. Concerns from the aurora shooting in 2012 arise with the upcoming movie. The families affected in the shooting know that the movie has to display these images but also want to ensure that this won’t happen again. Warner bros. take full responsibility and know about the sensitive topic that is the shooting. The film is not trying to apply the “real world violence” that is going on but display the images that are in the comic books. The movie mostly wants to show the audience the “what could” instead of the “what has happened” they don’t want the audience to fear actions but instead prevent. Families that have been affected by the Aurora shooting will most likely see this movie as a promotion for violence and their concerns cannot be hidden. These families only see the joker as the face of the shooter. Although warner bros. Cannot change the ideas of this family as they can’t compare to the tragedies they faced they can offer support.