Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

Kylie Stirk, Shelsy Cortes-Perez, MS Reporters

With Halloween just around the corner, people have already started to think about their Halloween costumes. So here are some ideas on costumes that would be easy to recreate!


For  trick or treating or going somewhere with your friend(s) on Halloween, You could be:

Spongebob and Patrick              Alvin and the Chipmunks

Powerpuff girls                            The Incredibles 

ScoobyDoo and gang                 Toy story gang

Winnie-the-Pooh and gang       Mario, Luigi, Princess peach 

Elsa and Anna from Frozen      The care bears

The Simpsons                               Nightmare Before Christmas)

Sanderson Sisters                         Ghostbusters

If show characters aren’t really your thing, you could be something else, like you or  all of your friends could be other things! Like:

A deck of cards                              A group of fish (red fish, yellow fish, etc)

Condiments (ketchup, mayo)     Peanut butter and jelly

Salt and pepper crayons               M&Ms and other candies


You could always do your own costume as well:

Witch                           Pirate                             Knight

An animal                   Pumpkin                        Princess

Fairy                            Video game character  Horror movie Villain


No matter what you choose to go as, costume or no costume, Halloween is always fun for everybody who celebrates!