Schools Around the Globe Teaching Students Outdoors


Liz Nelson, staff

Schools across the nation have been trying to get back to learning in person for quite a while now, but some schools are too small or have too many students to do this, their solution? Learning outside! This might sound far-fetched but it’s true, students are sitting on logs or sprawling out in a field to do their homework while enjoying the sunny weather. Some teachers and parents have been skeptical about this way of learning, explaining how difficult it can be for this transition, not to mention what it might be like when there is bad weather, but others like this idea, saying how it would be healthy for the students to get fresh air and enjoy whatever weather that may come. While there have been mostly positive responses from students there are still concerns for safety in terms of students with allergies or who feel unsafe around bugs or animals outside, however, this is still one of the newest prevailing methods of Covid learning. But the final question when all of this is said and done is what will they come up with next?